Membership Proxy

Board of Directors and Annual Membership Meeting

Membership Proxy Form

Being held both in-person at Rise Radio, 57 Graham Avenue and/or virtually via zoom (details to follow) on Thursday November 18, 2021 at 6pm – 8pm

    I, , a duly registered member of the Graham Ave BID, do hereby authorize Woodhull Community DMA member
    Kathrine Gold, MD (BID President) or Melissa Cohen (BID Secretary)
    to cast a vote on my behalf on any and all business to be conducted at the Annual Meeting of Members of the Woodhull Community DMA (dba Graham Ave BID) scheduled for Thursday, November 18,2021.

    Signature (Print Name)



    *To assist us in reaching a quorum to conduct business during the general membership portion of the District Management Association meeting, would you kindly complete this proxy and return it to the Graham Ave BID Office no later than November 10, 2021. In the event you cannot attend meeting, your proxy will only apply to the general membership portion of this meeting and would not be used to establish a quorum for the board of directors meeting that immediately follows the general membership meeting.